Consortium on Protecting Children in Autonomous Vehicles 

Safe Kids Worldwide has organized a Consortium of two working groups to address the Blue Ribbon Panel’s recommendations to protect children under 13 in autonomous vehicles (AVs). Much in the same way seat belt advocates changed the safety norms for all vehicles in the 1960s, this innovative group of professionals are at the forefront of an 18-month volunteer effort to focus on the safety needs of children in this evolving transportation field.

Why Now is the Time to Focus on Kids in AVs

AVs are already in development and being tested on roads in dozens of communities nationwide. By considering the unique needs of children early in the development of AVs, we have an historic opportunity to learn from the past and keep our most vulnerable passengers safe when it comes to this emerging form of transportation.

Goal of Children in AVs Consortium

The Consortium will develop guidance to inform legislation, policy, enforcement, education and best practices in this rapidly evolving field to make sure the safety of child passengers is considered and valued in the development of AVs.